Micro-capitalization public companies are ignored by large, institutional investors. As a result, micro-cap stocks trade well below their inherent economic value. Discovery Group identifies small public companies with strong operating fundamentals and invests in those that are likely to experience significant improvement in valuation based on specific anticipated business developments.

The Principals at Discovery Group have extensive experience in corporate investment banking and strategic business development. Over time, Discovery's highly specialized investment approach has proven to generate attractive investment returns that are uniquely differentiated from other public and private equity strategies.

Discovery Group was founded in 2002. Investors in its flagship fund, Discovery Equity Partners, include large university endowments, nationally-recognized charitable foundations, and a variety of trusts, professional family offices and wealth advisors.
  • Daniel J. Donoghue
  • Michael R. Murphy
  • Jamie W. Witt
  • Mark Buckley
  • Kevin A. McQuarrie
  • Mark W. Nygren
  • Zachary K. Forbes
  • Michael T. Holt
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